The Tree Ninja

Founded in 2014

The Tree Ninja

Founded in 2014 by Terry Turner, The Tree Ninja LTD’s aim is to create a workplace where the career progression, safety and input of all team members is valued.

From humble beginnings, the trusty trailer & ute has evolved into one of Auckland's leading arboriculture companies.

With a focus on keeping staff & clients happy, the company has trained & attracted a team of highly skilled arborists, operators & support staff.

The Tree Ninja Crew
Our Values

The 5 C’s of The Tree Ninja


Collaboration and Teamwork

The Tree Ninja values a hands-on approach, with the owner-operator, Terry, actively engaging with the team both in the field and in the office. This reflects a commitment to collaboration, where everyone works together to improve all aspects of the business.


Customer  Focused

Prioritising both staff and clients, The Tree Ninja places a strong emphasis on ensuring that clients and employees are always the first priority. We are committed to delivering excellent service and maintaining positive relationships.


Competitive Edge

The Tree Ninja seeks to distinguish itself with a competitive, personal edge. By actively involving the owner-operator in various aspects of the business. We aim to stand out in the market, offering a unique and personalised approach that sets us apart from competitors.


Cohesive Family Atmosphere

From management to apprentices, The Tree Ninja functions as a family. We provide a sense of inclusivity, support, and a close-knit working environment. Everyone here has a strong bond among team members, which fosters a positive and collaborative atmosphere.


Commitment to Excellence

We provide the best service to all clients who entrust their work to The Tree Ninja LTD with a dedication to excellence. This value extends from the owner-operator to every member of the company, emphasising a culture of continuous improvement and delivering high-quality results.

The Tree Ninja

Our Team

Terry Turner


Terry started his career in Arboriculture straight out of school nearly 15 years ago.  After gaining experience in a large local company, he founded The Tree Ninja Ltd in 2014 with a focus on staff and client happiness, he has a firm belief in valuing input from all team members on company policy & direction, fostering a family based environment.  Terry is passionate about nature & animals, enjoys animal rescue and maintaining his own property as his primary hobbies.  He prefers to train staff for primary roles in the company & share his time between the office and on-site, this ensures the happiness and progression of all staff and ensures client experiences are consistently positive.

Terry Director
Gemma Administrator Manager

Gemma Tobin

Administrator Manager

Meet our dedicated admin, Gemma. She joined the team in 2019 and is the friendly voice that greets all incoming clients. Her expertise lies in providing exceptional customer service. Whether it's addressing enquiries or assisting with concerns, she is always ready to lend a helping hand. Gemma ensures a smooth and pleasant experience for all our valued clients.

Reece Julian

General Manager

Reece currently holds the position of General Manager at The Tree Ninja Ltd, he prides himself as hardworking, precise and passionate. He holds expertise in leading, planning and coordinating both in the office and out on the tools.  Reece has completed his Advanced Level 4 Qualifications in Arboriculture and is always trying to learn and improve his skills and knowledge.

Reece General Manager
Chris Operation’s Manager

Chris Chegwin

Operation’s Manager

Chris is a Level 4 Advanced Qualified Arborist who has been in the industry for seven years doing a various range of works from maintenance, hedge trimming and technical removals using the assistance of a crane. He has worked as a contractor at Massey University where he had to meet a wide range of arboriculture standards.

Chris has worked his way up from a grounds person to Operations Manager and Quoter where he deals with maintenance and repairs of machinery, along with providing friendly advice and knowledge during scheduled quotations.

Our Experienced Tree Ninja Arboriculture Team

The Tree Ninja Team
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