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All your property maintenance needs, including Pruning Shaping and Reductions

From topiary or pleached hedges, crown lifting trees, selective height reductions or limb removal, The Tree Ninja team has the tools and expertise for every job!

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What We Do

Is your property or the grass below your trees suffering from a lack of light? It may be time to think about giving your trees a thin. Thinning out the inner canopy will allow a significant amount of light back into your property and provide an awesome aesthetic to your trees.


Deadwood is a natural occurrence for trees as they grow which can lead to severe danger. If left unattended large pieces of deadwood can fall causing damage to property or in rare cases fatalities. We recommend deadwooding your trees to give you peace of mind whilst you relax in the shade during the hot summer weather.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming is a staple for tidy properties, giving a clean, tidy aesthetic. Our team are experts at creating the right shape for your requirements.

Crown Reductions/Lifting and Tree Shaping

Crown reductions are the perfect way to retain and shape your trees while ensuring they remain a suitable size for the location.  They can also be used to reduce mature tree canopies in stages to get those ‘out of control’ specimens back into shape without compromising their health. We recommend 15% of the overall canopy and no more than 30% be reduced, as this can be detrimental to the health of the tree causing more problems in the future.

Crown Lifting is a very useful service we provide to clear low hanging branches and balance the shape of a tree. Low hanging limbs can often be a problem and prevent larger vehicles from entering driveways as well as getting in the way when mowing the lawns. 

Fruit Tree Pruning

Knowledge is essential in fruit tree pruning as a mistake could lead to reduced fruit production or the introduction of pests or diseases.

Our team has a passion for pruning and maintaining fruit trees, with a focus on fruit production and correct pruning techniques so you can enjoy more of your fruit, for longer!


What people say about us:

Absolutely the best! They did a complex job for us yesterday and the team worked together so smoothly and efficiently and made it all look so easy. Great communicators. They listened to our needs and responded with good suggestions. Their work was meticulous. They even relocated a Tui nest with a chick in it, and I saw the mother bird feeding the chick this morning in the new location. Magic! Even though we had to wait a long time for them to fit us in, it was definitely worth the wait. Hire these people. You won't find better in the industry!!! Thank you. 

Wendy Moore

The team have been amazing from start to finish! We received our quote and a neat video explaining what was to be done. The team arrived on time, the work was done quickly and the place left super tidy afterwards! I now have natural light back in my house. Thanks guys, we will definitely be in touch for future works!!

Sian Waldron

Wonderful service. Has done such a fabulous job. Listened to what I wanted and carried it out. My trees look the best they have ever looked.

Ingrid Murray
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