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Waterway Restoration

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Waterway Restoration

The Tree Ninja are experts at restoring creeks, streams, ponds, inlets & outlets. We can come up with a specific plan on how to clean up your waterways and create a tailored plan on how to maintain them.

image of a waterway
Creek or Stream Restoration

Clearing trees, digging out root systems and blockages through the stormwater networks is an area our team are very experienced in. As a sub-contractor on the South and East Auckland networks for Auckland Council and private clients, we have developed techniques and built specialised equipment to clear out all creeks or streams. We have experience in anything from small sites to large scale projects and storm damage, with a focus on health and safety and reducing the environmental impact wherever we can.

Ponds, Inlets & Outlets

Our local ponds are a community treasure we take pride in maintaining. From the attracted wildlife, aesthetics and scenic walkways through to functional purposes such as stormwater retention areas. Maintenance of these areas is essential to prevent flooding and extensive damage. With our specialised equipment we can remove vegetation and pond weeds, clear inlets, promote water flow and ensure public safety is prioritised.

Maintenance Plans

On completion of site restoration in your waterways, our team can provide and run maintenance plans to ensure their condition does not return to its initial state. Weeding, spraying, mulching and larger machinery maintenance can all be provided on set plans to support the aesthetic and environmental condition of Aotearoa's priceless aquatic assets.

trees and grass covering creek

Before The Tree Ninja

trees and grass all cut

After The Tree Ninja

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